About France

About FranceFrance is a country located in Western Europe. It shares its borders with Spain in the south, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany to the east, and "La Manche" to the north. Its slogan is " Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, translated into Liberty, Equality, Fraternity; a testament as to France's welcoming and friendly character. 

French History

Leaders such as Joan of Arc and Napoleon Bonaparte helped France become a regional power; the French Renaissance established French as the official language of France.  Charles De Gaulle will always be considered as the man who moulded France into the European power it is today; under whose rule France became an industrial nation, capable of conducting free trade with the world. Francois Holland is its current President, elected by the people in April 2012.  .

The major city, Paris, by most accounts, is considered to be the first global city of the world. In the 2014 ranks Paris ranked third just behind London and New York. Paris continues to be a high-ranking global city because of its direct and tangible effect on social-economic influences in the world and global affairs.

Paris’ influence has been traced to the Renaissance, and solidified by Divine-Right Monarchs that represented and reflected material and cultural opulence. French permeated the international scene being the language of foreign courts. French people exuded sophistication and intelligence and excelled in agricultural production of wheat and wine.  These goods were in high demand in other countries which fuelled their swelling influence in the world.

During this time, culturally France evolved leading advances in literary traditions, architectural designs and artistic styles. Ideologies were also disseminated from Paris in the Enlightenment, and the Revolution in 1789. Paris was a leader and innovator in the construction of public sanitation during the 1850 Hausman renovations. These improvements concentrated on transforming the urban environment into a beautiful, aesthetical-appealing clean-living spaces that were systematic and efficient. As a result Paris became a model city in the 19th and 20th centuries.The counter culture movement, which was centred in the Latin quarters emerged in this 19-th century period. The movement encouraged the younger generation to rebel against the strict enforced controls of the ruling Kings and Emperors. Establishments such as the Moulin Rouge and other questionable venues emerged and became a big hit with the youths attracting culturally revolutionary performances and demonstrations. Although these were prominent the venues became very popular after the inter-war period when French Society underwent a restructure. We conclude that you would agree with us that French history is so incredibly fascinating.


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